Reply 1988 Songs Collection

Hello, i just back from North Sumatra yesterday, and all i need to do is finished this writing since i don’t have any chances to write for a week. First, as i told you in the previous post that i really into K-music nowadays, so i feel sorry for people who irritated with this kind of theme. Second, i started writing this post eleven days ago and still i dunno how to finished because Reply 1988 leaves a terrible impact for me.


Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 (Eungdhabara 1988) is South Korean TV series broadcast by tVN from November 6, 2015 until January 16, 2016. This 20 episodes heart-warming series set in the year 1988, the exciting year for South Korea. The year when people crazy about Chow Yun Fat, Joey Wang, Patrick Swayze, Top Gun, and especially in South Korea : the actress Lee Mi Yeon. And there are such important events, such as Seoul Olympic and SM Entertainment also created by Lee Soo Man in that year. For synopsis and cast –> Reply 1988

As for me, actually i didn’t really wanna watched this family drama even though my timeline flooding with the news about how the story goes and ratings. I don’t have any idea about the series since i didn’t watched the previous franchise (Reply 1994 and Reply 1997). But then, Youtube suggested this video to me.

My concern back then only about Oh Hyuk’s amazing voice singing, i didn’t even know this one is originally Lee Moon Sae’s. Then, i feel really curious about the cast and the story, especially about “that-not-so-handsome-guy”, i thought he’s really represents a guy from 1988 (that classic look tho). Basically i so fond of vintage stuff, so its easy for me to love this series (some people rejected to watch because they said its too old-school).

Beside the story, i really love the soundtracks and insert songs for each scenes. Its all about the songs from 1988 i never knew before.  So, i try to collect the song one by one, but its difficult task since i dunno anything about K-singers from the past. Suddenly i found this diligent blogger –> Playlist : Answer Me 1988. Like the previous Reply series, the OST for Reply 1988 also consist of remakes of the past’s songs. There are 11 part of the soundtracks, just simply check –> Reply 1988’s Soundtracks

Some songs really stuck in my mind because they’re appeared almost in every episode. Here they are:

  1. Hyehwa dong – The Zoo (Dongmulwon)

Hyehwadong belongs to Dongmulwon Second Collection of Songs in 1988. Dongmulwon or The Zoo is folk-rock band established from 1987-2003. If you read the lyrics, you’ll realize that this song is really related to the friendship between Ssangmundong-alley gang.

Credit : 50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists: 48. Dongmulwon

2. Don’t Worry, Dear-Lee Juck

This song is originally Deulgukhwa’s, South Korean legendary rock band consist of Jeon In Kwon and Choi Seong Won. The version above singing by Lee Juck for the OST Part 2.

3. Girl – Lee Moon Sae

I fall in love with Oh Hyuk’s version but this original version touch my heart deeper. Lee Moon Sae (59), whose his name appeared frequently in the early episodes is one of the most popular singer-songwriter in South Korea.

4. Violet Fragrance – Kang Suji

I first listened IU’s version in variety show Infinity Challenge months ago, and also there was Yoon Sang the one who composed this song back then. Violet Fragrance is written and singing by Kang Suji’s in 1990.

5. Youth – Kim Feel & Sanullim

This typical song that bring a blue feeling for listeners singing by Kim Feel and the original singer, Sanulrim. This song featured on Sanulrim’s 7th album in 1981.

6. Everyday With You – Deulgukhwa

This song written and composed by Choi Sung Won in 1985 featured in Deulgukhwa’s self-titled debut album. I listened this song a long time ago from K-Drama Naughty Kiss.

7. My Neighborhood (Town) – Kim Hyun Chul

I love this song so much. Its not just because this one is Jung Hwan & Duk Seon love theme, but also because i love the rythm and the grooves. This Kim Hyun Chul’s featured on his debut album in 1989.

8. Together – Noel

Together originally singing by Park Kwang Hyun and Kim Gun Mo in 1982.

Reply 1988 also introduced this song below:

Ice Cream Love is Korean-Spanish song singing by Im Byung Su in 1985. And its funny how Hyeri and Lee Dongh Wi singing to this song excitedly:

This drama also included some of non-Korean songs which were really popular around that year:

La Bamba singing by Los Lobos in 1987.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by UB40 from the album Promises and Lies (1993)

Last Christmas by Wham from the album Music From The Edge of Heaven (1985)

Donna Donna by Joan Baez released in 1960.

Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx from the album Repeat Offender (1989).

I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder from the album The Woman In Red (1985)

PS : I maybe irritated with the (disaster) ending but actually i don’t even watch the 2 final episodes. This is the first time for me to watch on-going drama and i kinda engrossed with how people went crazy over the husband hunting matter. Even though i was acting like i didn’t care but in the end i found my self exciting about who’s gonna be the husband. And i feel really bad when the ending revealed. I wanna write about how ridiculous it was to keep ranting about the ending but i guess it needs the infinite paper.




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