I’m In Love

There was a time in my life when everything runs so fine. That was when I live my life with mom, dad, and my siblings. Even though we used to be busy with our own business and somehow I thought we were such a stoic family, but living with your beloved is the most grateful thing in the world. You have people to lean on, people to tell your stories, people to eat together, people to fight with, people to console, people to give you the most sincere love and compassion. Your people.

But it’s been a long time since I’m practically living by myself. Sometimes it’s hard, but now I getting used with this kind of life so I’m just enjoying it. When I think about it again, I realized that I’m not the only one who missed that time when we’re still together. There are also my siblings who live in another town that always missing our home.

My little brother said he always feels like home when he listened to the song that I always playing back then. It was Hitomi no Juunin from L’Arc~en~Ciel. Though he never knew the lyrics meaning, this song will always make him long for our home. Till he wrote on his Path last week that he accidentally bumped into Glay’s I’m In Love on Youtube. This song is also my “on repeat” song back in that time.

I’m In Love is Glay’s from the album Pure Soul (1988). I used to laughing whenever Teru singing those English lines. They usually played this song as encore in concert and people will always in tears. I’m never knew the meaning of the lyrics so i merely thought it was because this is the last song they presented to people. Until my brother said that he now understand why people (and Takuro) crying so hard.

In the small pocket,
treasures smelling grass are hide-and-seek
With you being kind to tie my undone shoelace,
going on a short trip to the too high sky in midsummer

(from) lonely days we can fly
Imagining us at that day behind eyelid
(from) lonely nights we can fly
Having got hurt by something anytime

I’m just in love I’m just in love
I’m just in love oh singin’ my life

I opened an old photo album
Now I’m as old as my parents in their younger days

Both of you (parents) ran in Showa era, while bringing us
I almost cry when I imagine how hard your life was

(from) lonely days we can fly
I miss those days full of memory
(from) lonely nights we can fly
OK! Thank you for your love

I’m just in love I’m just in love
I’m just in love oh singin’ my life

We will rock you words from heaven

Now i will listen to this song differently since i know the lyrics meaning. Though it sounds like cheerful song, but actually it will make me feel blue from now on.

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