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Crush on Wonderlust

It’s really easy to have a crush with Crush. His voice is sweet like honey dripping, his songs are addictive, and he’s cute like a meerkat. He’s such a productive musician with a ton of collaborations since 2012. He maybe loves R’n’B and Hip Hop but his music growing up beyond those genres. Shin Hyo Seob is… Continue reading Crush on Wonderlust

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Magic Strawberry Sound

Question, whenever you hear a brand new song and get to know about the musician, do you think it’s important to know what their record label is? I think maybe it’s not that important, but it’s really interesting to know what kind of label or management company that involved in music production. Doesn’t matter whether… Continue reading Magic Strawberry Sound

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Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist

It was just a shade of her side profile back then.That green hair looked so stunning. She was singing “Manne manne quin, money money queen” while hitting her tambourine. Viewers didn’t have a chance to see her face but her voice leaving big impression indeed. The track called Mannequin (2015), belong to Amoeba Culture’s producer, Primary.… Continue reading Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist

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130 Mood : TRBL (DEAN’s Impressive Debut EP)

Say hello to Kwon Hyuk a.k.a DEAN or Deanfluenza or DEAN TRBL or DEAN TROUBLE. He’s young, super-talented and considering his looks people will expect that he’s one of the idol gems. But sorry guys, he’s not an idol. The path he chose are record-producer and singer-songwriter. He’s one of a kind who’s making music… Continue reading 130 Mood : TRBL (DEAN’s Impressive Debut EP)