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Payung Teduh Live at Yamaha Live And Loud (Limited Edition)

Payung Teduh belum jua menelurkan album ke-tiga di tahun 2016 lalu. Saya yang menunggu dengan sabar (diatas sini melayang-layang) sempat salah persepsi saat Payung Teduh memberikan pengumuman di media sosial mereka tentang proyek album live bersama Yamaha. Awalnya saya pikir proses rekaman bersama Yamaha tersebut akan diisi oleh materi dari album terbaru mereka, namun nyatanya… Continue reading Payung Teduh Live at Yamaha Live And Loud (Limited Edition)

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Magic Strawberry Sound

Question, whenever you hear a brand new song and get to know about the musician, do you think it’s important to know what their record label is? I think maybe it’s not that important, but it’s really interesting to know what kind of label or management company that involved in music production. Doesn’t matter whether… Continue reading Magic Strawberry Sound

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Push On For The Dawn

While 2015 gave me such a beautiful Eternal Sunshine from Jhene Aiko, the first half of 2016 gives me such a soothing song, Push On For The Dawn, Corinne Bailey Rae’s from the album The Heart Speaks In The Whispers (released on May 13, 2016). When the first single (Been To The Moon) came up, I… Continue reading Push On For The Dawn

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Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist

It was just a shade of her side profile back then.That green hair looked so stunning. She was singing “Manne manne quin, money money queen” while hitting her tambourine. Viewers didn’t have a chance to see her face but her voice leaving big impression indeed. The track called Mannequin (2015), belong to Amoeba Culture’s producer, Primary.… Continue reading Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist

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Hikki Reflects Her Personal Feeling About Her Mother

Hikki is back. What a good news, for real. Its been six years of waiting and now she’s back with two singles. Not to forget the song Sakura Nagashi she wrote for Evangelion The Movie in 2012, this news of official come back rushing through social media and yields the intense feelings of euphoria. Many… Continue reading Hikki Reflects Her Personal Feeling About Her Mother