Lirik Lagu-Lagu Album Goodnight Puti Chitara

STRATOSPHERE There's a song, I remember, slowly fading out in my head As the memories kept behind me, no I won't stand alone anymore I thought I'd die and lost the peace, zero gravity almost there Stars and planets stare together they say, "Let it go, let it flow, shine your way" La~Rise above La~I … Continue reading Lirik Lagu-Lagu Album Goodnight Puti Chitara


Universe (Puti Chitara)

Universe written & composed by Puti Chitara Travel on the rainbow slide Flowing up to the starry sky Riding on my favorite cloud it's all white and bright so bright i see the beauty of the night twinkling like the light Colours are running so fast paint the ocean all bright, so bright Galaxies and … Continue reading Universe (Puti Chitara)