Today is the first day of July and I just realized my last post was 4 months ago. Woo ah, maybe I really forgot that I have this blog all this time, I don't even know someone asked me about my Spotify Playlist in the comment section. I'm really sorry, I've been busy with work and … Continue reading Discovery


August Playlist

Hola-hola. It's me again.  It feels like forever since the last time I wrote something, that is why I want to secure my place before being forgotten. This is already the second week of August and like another year, it's time to welcoming the rainy season. I'm a little bit at ease this month, so … Continue reading August Playlist

AkashA Malaysia @Sawahlunto International Music Festival 2014

Sebulan yang lalu, saya menyempatkan diri untuk datang ke acara Sawahlunto International Music Festival (Simfes). Tahun ini adalah kali ke-5 acara ini digelar. Dan bagi saya, ini adalah pertama kalinya bisa menyaksikan acara tersebut. Walaupun hanya di hari ke-dua saja, acara malam itu sangat membekas di ingatan saya. Ada 4 kelompok musisi yang tampil malam … Continue reading AkashA Malaysia @Sawahlunto International Music Festival 2014