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Crush on Wonderlust

It’s really easy to have a crush with Crush. His voice is sweet like honey dripping, his songs are addictive, and he’s cute like a meerkat. He’s such a productive musician with a ton of collaborations since 2012. He maybe loves R’n’B and Hip Hop but his music growing up beyond those genres. Shin Hyo Seob is… Continue reading Crush on Wonderlust

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Push On For The Dawn

While 2015 gave me such a beautiful Eternal Sunshine from Jhene Aiko, the first half of 2016 gives me such a soothing song, Push On For The Dawn, Corinne Bailey Rae’s from the album The Heart Speaks In The Whispers (released on May 13, 2016). When the first single (Been To The Moon) came up, I… Continue reading Push On For The Dawn

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(CALENDAR EVENT) Endah n Rhesa @Soundsations Padang

Apakah kamu pernah mendengar nama Endah n Rhesa? Pernah mendengarkan lagu-lagunya? Jika belum, silakan simak video berikut ini. Jika kamu suka dan kamu ingin melihat pertunjukkan duo romantis ini secara langsung, silakan catat tanggal berikut. Endah n Rhesa akan hadir di Kota Padang dalam event Soundsations pada tanggal 27 Agustus 2016. Saya belum menemukan detail tempat… Continue reading (CALENDAR EVENT) Endah n Rhesa @Soundsations Padang

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Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist

It was just a shade of her side profile back then.That green hair looked so stunning. She was singing “Manne manne quin, money money queen” while hitting her tambourine. Viewers didn’t have a chance to see her face but her voice leaving big impression indeed. The track called Mannequin (2015), belong to Amoeba Culture’s producer, Primary.… Continue reading Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist

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Yuna’s Chapters : Farewell Indie Pop

I just realized something when i listened to Alicia Keys’s latest single a week ago. The song titled In Common, RnB piece with slight of Afro-beat  and Latin vibes (i guess Shakira will sing it better). For me, it sounds like “it’s definitely like music nowadays” that mostly created by electronic instruments (synthesizer for the win).… Continue reading Yuna’s Chapters : Farewell Indie Pop

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130 Mood : TRBL (DEAN’s Impressive Debut EP)

Say hello to Kwon Hyuk a.k.a DEAN or Deanfluenza or DEAN TRBL or DEAN TROUBLE. He’s young, super-talented and considering his looks people will expect that he’s one of the idol gems. But sorry guys, he’s not an idol. The path he chose are record-producer and singer-songwriter. He’s one of a kind who’s making music… Continue reading 130 Mood : TRBL (DEAN’s Impressive Debut EP)

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(Urban Gigs) Payung Teduh : Kurang Syahdu Apalagi?

Masih aneh rasanya mengingat dalam beberapa bulan belakangan sudah tiga band indie yang hadir di Padang. Mulai dari SORE di bulan Maret lalu, BARASUARA di awal April, hingga Payung Teduh tiga hari lalu. Jika menengok ke belakang, hampir mustahil rasanya menyaksikan band-band indie yang kerap kali mengisi konser/gig di kota-kota besar di Indonesia datang ke… Continue reading (Urban Gigs) Payung Teduh : Kurang Syahdu Apalagi?