Monsieur Periné

I still cannot believe that this is already December though the weather said so. The rainy season has come but this time the climate told us something about how nature can be so unpredictable. I never expected that this back-and-forth weather will torturing my head so hard. I'm getting severe migraines almost everyday.  That is … Continue reading Monsieur Periné


Crush on Wonderlust

It's really easy to have a crush with Crush. His voice is sweet like honey dripping, his songs are addictive, and he's cute like a meerkat. He's such a productive musician with a ton of collaborations since 2012. He maybe loves R'n'B and Hip Hop but his music growing up beyond those genres. Shin Hyo Seob is … Continue reading Crush on Wonderlust

(CALENDAR EVENT) Endah n Rhesa @Soundsations Padang

Apakah kamu pernah mendengar nama Endah n Rhesa? Pernah mendengarkan lagu-lagunya? Jika belum, silakan simak video berikut ini. Jika kamu suka dan kamu ingin melihat pertunjukkan duo romantis ini secara langsung, silakan catat tanggal berikut. Endah n Rhesa akan hadir di Kota Padang dalam event Soundsations pada tanggal 27 Agustus 2016. Saya belum menemukan detail … Continue reading (CALENDAR EVENT) Endah n Rhesa @Soundsations Padang