Auditivo Orgasmo: Drexler, Cerati, and Lafourcade

2018 will be ended in just a few days and this is my last post this year. This year is so lovely for me since I discovered many things and also I develop many good habits. I finished all of Tolkien’s books (I am Tolkien trash since the beginning of 2018), I watched almost all of Ghibli movies, I started painting and gardening, I found many people and new friends, and the most important thing I discovered many incredible musicians in this year. From Tennis to Nitin Sawhney, from Nicki Wells to Kefaya, Vashti Bunyan to KOOP, and finally at the end of 2018, I discovered three amazing musicians from Latin America.

It was morning in November, I sat alone in the coffee shop when my Spotify shuffled to the song Abracadabras from Jorge Drexler. Yes, it didn’t took a long time for me to listened to his album because i already fell in love from the beginning. Jorge Drexler is the first Uruguayan to win an Academy Awards, which he won for composing the song Al Otro Lado del Río” from The Motorcycle Diaries (from The album that I can’t stop listen until today is his latest album Salvadidas de Hielo (2017). His music really captivating because they are including Uruguay’s traditional instruments that make his works really playful and rich. And also, as i listen to his previous albums i found that his genres are so my kind of genres : pop, jazz, bossa nova, and folk.

The second musician is the late Gustavo Cerati (from Soda Stereo). Damn damn, I feel so regret that I knew him this late. It broke my heart when I found that he already passed away in 2014. His first song that i listened was Bocanada (from the album Bocanada, 1999) the mesmerize psychedelic pop that made me in love so hard with this Argentine musician. After two months, i found that Bocanada is not his first song that I listened, because he was the one who worked with Shakira for the song “No (from the album Fijación Oral Vol. 1)“, the almost perfect ballad from 2005 that I’m still listen until now.

And the last musician is Natalia Lafourcade, a Mexican pop-rock singer and song writer. I watched her performance on NPR Music a month ago and her song “Soledad y El Mar” is unforgetable for me. Since then, I listened to her albums in Spotify  until I understand how she established her place as one of the most popular singer from Mexico. One of my  favorite album is when she still working with Natalia y La Forquetina (band), Casa, released in 2005.

PS: I will talking about them, one by one, in the next posts.

Happy new year everyone!

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