A Reminder To Bohemian Rhapsody

So, I finally watched Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday. I wonder when was the last time I watched a musician’s biopic movie? I think it was La Vie En Rose a long time ago. I also wonder why did I skip A Star Is Born last week? Was it because I don’t really interested or because the rain is falling everyday? Or is it because I feel uneasy these days? Seems like I’m on it again, emotional deprivation.



Credit : IMDB


Let me recall Bohemian Rhapsody for a while. The first thing that I noticed from the movie was that iconic Marlene Dietrich’s photograph. Freddie first encounter with Mary. The song Habanera (L’amour est un oiseau rebelle)  when they convinced the producer to make experimental album. I laughing hard when Ben Hardy singing that Galilleo part when they’re recording Bohemian Rhapsody. When Freddie said Bismillah. The first time he realized he was bisexual. When he finally confessed about his sexual orientation to Mary. When he kicked out his manager. When Brian May making the first rhythm for We Will Rock You. When Freddie living in Munich. When he kicked out Paul from his life forever  (OMG, it was so dramatic i thought i watched K-drama). When he beg to back to his band. When he announced he got AIDS. When he found Jim Hutton. And then finally, the Live Aid performance. Wow, it feels like i watched Queen’s live viewing concert.

Okay now, this is silly confession. I started bawling my eyes out since he said “I got it (AIDS)” until the ending of the movie. Am i the only one here? Is it really sad or something wrong with me? I even crying when they sing Radio Ga Ga.

When i think about it again, i think i know the reasons why. The first reason is because i feel psychologically weary these days. I still identifying why do i feel like this and also i want to think rationally more than before. The second reason is because the day before i watched Bohemian Rhapsody, i read another version of Chairil Anwar’s biography. The author asked “who is the person in this country who lives more bohemian than Chairil Anwar? He is the true bohemian”. That was when I realized about Freddie and Chairil’s similarities. Their uncoventional life style, their perfectionism, their undenieable self-confidence, their sickness, and their tragic death. But the most important, they are truly legends.

And the last reason is because i already finished four movies of Italian legendary director, Federico Fellini. I started with La Dolce Vita (1960), Otto e Mezzo (1963), La Strada (1954), and the night before Bohemian Rhapsody I’ve finished I Vitelloni (1953). From these movies i learn another thing about loneliness, i found that sometimes human being can be so lonely when so many people talk to them but they are never listen. That is frightening, suffocating. I think this thought appearead when i watched Bohemian Rhapsody, that scene when Queen had interview but Freddie answered the reporters like a mad man.

PS: When i writing this post, i read so many bad reviews about this movie. I kinda understand why, but….nothing really matters to me. I love the casts, by the way.

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