Monsieur Periné

I still cannot believe that this is already December though the weather said so. The rainy season has come but this time the climate told us something about how nature can be so unpredictable. I never expected that this back-and-forth weather will torturing my head so hard. I’m getting severe migraines almost everyday.  That is why i just stayed at home to avoid any disease and stay healthy during this season.

Last October i left my empty nest for a month. I visited several places in Java and back home in early November. I went to Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Solo, and any regions. I’ve met many people, many fancy places, i ate delicious foods, I’ve seen many things. I felt so happy yet i still want to go to many places.  Next time i wish i’m not a solo traveler anymore.


Two days before my departure from Yogyakarta to Bandung i kinda wanted to listened to any Latin songs. I started from Monsieur Perine, the Colombian band that i accidentally found when i’m watching What’s On My Bag? on Amoeba channel months ago. Back then, I loved their gypsy rendition of Sabor A Mi (Alvaro Carillo, 1959) , that was feel so unique and youthful. For some reasons, i cannot believe that this musical ensemble came from Colombia since their music is so distinctive.

Monsieur Perine consists of Catalina Garcia (vocalist), Nicolás Junca (guitarist), Santiago Prieto (guitarist) and some other members.  According to their profile, their music’s niche is basically a gypsy-swing that mixes Latin and Europeans flavor. But if you listened to each instrument, you’ll find that their music is really broad and rich. There are Afro-sound, jazz, pop, salsa, tango, bolero, etc. You’ll realized that the guitarists is the big fans of Django Reindhart and also African music instrument.

There are several songs that i keep listening since last November. My most favorite song is Nuestra Canción from the album Caja de Música (2015). This song is really catchy, colorful, and sweet. Most of all, this song is featuring Vicente Garcia, another prominent Latin musician you need to know (i love Carmesi so much).

As a fan of Latin music for a long time, i’m glad that i meet this band (amid Despacito riot) . They maybe look so passionate as another Latin musicians, but for me they’re more audacious. I guess it’s not easy to create experimental music unless you brave enough.

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