August Playlist

Hola-hola. It’s me again.  It feels like forever since the last time I wrote something, that is why I want to secure my place before being forgotten. This is already the second week of August and like another year, it’s time to welcoming the rainy season. I’m a little bit at ease this month, so I have time to do all the thing I want. I’ve tried to write something on this blog several times, but the words are gone whenever I  type the first syllables. I kinda…doomed.

But, let’s just starting from the songs I listened almost all the time these days.  I have a long list but just stick to these ten songs. Here we go.

  1. Fiona Apple – Why Try To Change Me Now 

fiona apple

(The Best Is Yet To Come, The Songs Of Cy Coleman – 2009)

Just listen to the original version first, then decide why this rendition is one of the best. I know you will put Frank Sinatra’s over this one, but for me, Fiona Apple’s sorrowful interpretation is more on point.

2. Solange – Cranes In The Sky


(A Seat at The Table – 2016)

The whole songs in this album are gold, don’t you agree? Yeah, at least Grammy’s agree for The Cranes In The Sky (and I couldn’t agree more).  I would like to copy every single move on her video clip, well…”It’s like cranes in the sky, sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds”. Err.

3. Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable


(BLOOD – 2015)

Kudos Youtube Feed for suggested this neo-soul (out of the blue). I just added her to my lists of amazing British musician since she has that soulful voice and great musicality. I kinda obsessed with the space-galaxy-gravity theme, that’s why I can’t help but really into Unstoppable. The feelings of floating through the darkest reaches of space, it’s sick.

4. Luis Miguel – El Dia Que Me Quieras 


(Segundo Romance – 1994)

You can convert classic tango to romantic ballad and voila! I always love latin ballad and I can’t resist Luis Miguel indeed. Give me another rendition I know I always put this version in the first place.

El dia que me queiras means “when you say you love me” in English.

5. Khruangbin – White Gloves


(The Universe Smiles Upon You – 2015)

She was a queen.
She had a house.
She was a fighter.
She was a queen.
Had a good dude.
Bought me a rabbit.
She was a queen.
Wearing white gloves.
But she kept ’em clean.
Classy Lady.
But she wasn’t quiet.
She was a queen.

It is simple, repetitive, but hauntingly beautiful. No more words to say.

6. Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman


(Wichita Lineman – 1968)

I dreamed about my father in this three consecutive nights since the day Glen Campbell passed away. That day when I read the news about his losing ability to play guitar, I feel really sad. Now I have a big concern about Alzheimer and dementia to extent I re-tweet every article relates to these diseases.

Rest in peace, Maestro, you will be forever our Wichita Lineman.

7. Mondo Gascaro – Naked


(Rajakelana – 2016)

If you listen to this album you’ll find any tropical, Brazilian, and vintage sounds that make you feel like having an unforgettable journey. I love every single song on this album, but I couldn’t stop listening to Naked. As the first track on Rajakelana, Naked really sounds like Mondo Gascaro.

8. Scaller – Upheaval


(Senses – 2017)

Upheaval is the sole instrumental track on Senses, the album from the progressive rock band, Scaller. I bought this album when they had a live showcase in my town months ago and still repeating on my playlist. I’m sure in love with this album for its quality and Upheaval is my very favorite.

9. Gilbert Sullivan – Alone Again, Naturally


(Himself – 1971)

Thanks to my friend who was singing this song when in karaoke now I found myself listening to this song four times a night. Since this song already grew on me, I don’t feel sad anymore.

10. Caro Emerald – Tangled Up


(The Shocking Miss Emerald – 2013)

This lady is one representative of Dutch singer I knew. The genre of her music is quite amusing which are pop, jazz, and electro swing. Tangled Up is one with tango vibe, singing in a classy way and makes you feel like… tangled up.

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