Crush on Wonderlust


It’s really easy to have a crush with Crush. His voice is sweet like honey dripping, his songs are addictive, and he’s cute like a meerkat. He’s such a productive musician with a ton of collaborations since 2012. He maybe loves R’n’B and Hip Hop but his music growing up beyond those genres.

Shin Hyo Seob is his real name and professionally known as Crush. I think it’s a clever idea to chose that name since so many people having a crush with his music. He’s one of a kind from the label Amoeba Culture. I knew him from the legendary collaboration with Zion.T for the single “Just” in 2015. I maybe a lil bit crazy about Zion. T that time, but then I found myself digging into Crush’s work even more.

He’s maybe gained popularity through trendy R’n’B but when he produced the mini album “Interlude” in the first half of this year, I think he will keep trying to make another kind of music in the future. For me, Interlude is really fresh, unique, mature, and sophisticated. While his previous works were so easy to listen, you need to listen to each song in this album many times until you realize that it’s such a masterpiece.

Now he delivers the brand new mini album called “wonderlust” that was released on October 14, 2016. It contains five pieces of heaven full of fall-winter vibes. He picks the song “fall” as the lead song with beautiful aesthetic MV that was released a day before the wonderlust.  The highlights of this heartfelt R’n’B ballad is that repetitive piano playing and his low-key voice until the end.

I dunno why this album called wonderlust since the first track is wanderlust. But whatever, this opening is just so rich and delicious. While Interlude is full with electronics, this mini album is more analog. You can imagine that live session band playing the instrument while Crush singing “baby you’re my wanderlust“.


The second track is 2411 the sole upbeat in this mini album. It’s upbeat but not really if you compare with his songs outside this wonderlust. He’s rapping smoothly about the time in the past when no one listened to his voice, also about the survivor who forgot many things as he finally reached his dream.

Just like 2411, the third song called nostalgia also has the guitar playing as the intro. And then it got the wonderful string section until the minutes of 2.17. Dear Crush, tell me why the songs in this mini album are so short? People can’t get enough.

After “fall” as the fourth track, we got “like my father” as the ending. It’s a soulful ballad with just piano as the instrument from the beginning. He sings soulfully “I want to live like dad. I want to become strong like dad. I still stay in my childhood days it lingers. I’m looking for a place my heart can lean on”. 

The season has changed from summer to fall. In my hometown, the heavy rain filled the whole week. You know what, this wonderlust is really fitted with the gloomy weather. It’s so cold but so warm when you listen to the songs repeatedly. I’m so in love.

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