Magic Strawberry Sound

Question, whenever you hear a brand new song and get to know about the musician, do you think it’s important to know what their record label is? I think maybe it’s not that important, but it’s really interesting to know what kind of label or management company that involved in music production. Doesn’t matter whether it’s major or indie, big or little, veteran or start-up company, creating and promoting music need many people. Even though some musician started their career by himself, in the end, they usually/always need  a label.

When it comes to K-music, long long ago I used to love YG and Mystic Entertainment. But since the first label is really confusing and some musician I like leaving out the second label I don’t give any attention to them anymore. But when I want to see some old videos I’ll always back to their Youtube channel.


HIGHRND is such a productive label, that’s why I keep my radar on whenever I saw its name appeared on my timeline. You’ve got one or two songs that were released every month, I think it’s such amazing work of Tablo and his people. At least, this year he keeps introduce new musicians with outstanding musicality. The lists are Hyukoh, Lee Hi, The Black Skirt, Code Kunts, Punchnello, and offonoff. By the way, this song from Punchnello featuring Crush is so good. Other people should mix hip hop, jazz, and electronica altogether like this.

Since I like Sunwoo Jungah and a lil bit curious with her new works, I just dropped by on her channel a month ago. Look, I’m not only found her new songs but also another musician from her label, Magic Strawberry Sound. This indie label is the house for infamous 10cm, CHEEZE, OKDAL, K.AFKA, Lucite Tokki, Rainbow99, Needle & Gem, Unisexasaurus, etc.


They said “Magic Strawberry Sound dedicates to produce, publish and manage various and distinctive styles in music with numerous artists in the field. We have accomplished outstanding performance with our departments of Management, Design, and Publishing, aiming to attain rich, inspiring and diverse productions in music. Prosperous interactive communications with artists have been demonstrated via Record Production, Management, Performing Culture Business and Brand Collaboration. Magic Strawberry Sound welcomes valuable contents across the board with the artists and brands in all genres”. 

This label really welcomes musicians from various genres, though. There are acoustic pop, folk, jazz, ballad, rock, post-rock, experimental pop/rock, electronica, etc. I went through their several Youtube channel and I think  I’m gonna follow CHEEZE and Lucite Tokki from now on. So, let’s take a look these lists of their artists below:

  • Sunwoo Junga
  • 10cm
  • Lucite Tokki
  • Rainbow99
  • K.AFKA
  • Needle & Gem


Any music caught your attention?

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