The Sounds

I met this guy at the cafe a month ago. Though I’ve happened to met him many times before but we’re never into the conversation until that day. He was such a nice young boy, talkative, and asked me about many things. Till he asked me about my music preferences and why I chose to write about music independently. He also questioned me this classic “why do you love music?”.  I simply told him that I love music because I cannot live my life any single day without music. Though I thought it was the most genuine answer I could say, you know what, he laughed at me! He said it’s cliche and cheesy.

Just let me tell you this fact.  When I’m slowly aging and practically living alone, I always tend to simplify my answer for every question because I always thinking. I just leave all the things I wanna say in my brain.  But it always ended up with an ambiguous answer. Hehe. Now when I think about it again I kinda understand why he said that my statement was cliche.

If someday someone asks me again the same question, what should I say? Actually, instead of “I love music” I prefer to say “I love the sounds”. I never hate the silence before, but now it’s always frightening when I imagine my world without the sounds. It’s like “standing before a lake and you got terrorized by silence then you scare something monstrous will appear from the water”. That’s why I kinda experienced panic attack whenever the music stopped playing at the midnight.


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There are many kinds of sounds I love, but still, so many sounds I hate. The sound of music is just one of my favorite sound in the world. Seems everybody knew that my favorite sound the most is the midnight rain. It’s the one that able to replaced the music that I always played every night. Don’t you think it’s always nice to hear the sound of raindrops on the roof at midnight while you laying on the bed under warm blanket and slowly drowning into the dream? I always feel like living in the fantasy with nothing to worry.

Another soothing sound that comes from nature is the sound of the wind. The perfect place to hear the howling wind is on the top of the mountain. It’ll make you feel like flying in the sky. But sometimes I love to hear the sound of a whirlwind or the raging wind while wild storm occurred.

I also love the sound of my siblings’ voices. When we’re still a kid, the four of us used to have the voice that resembles each other. When my sister’s friend gave my sister a call by phone and I’m happened to be the one who answered, she/he will always talking without asking who’s the one on the line. My lil brother’s voice was also similar with my voice, so we always ended up explained it to the people who called.  Those misunderstanding just so funny tho.

There was a late night when I heard my mom recited the holy Qur’an. Her voice was so soft since her body already so weak because of her severe illness. I love my mom’s voice that always awakened me every morning, but the sound of my mom’s voice that was softly recited Qur’an was the one I love the most.

It maybe sounds odd, but I really like the sound when I’m munching some food like peanuts, apple or pear, and ice block. I always want to try mindful eating that’s why I started from listening to that sound. But then I found it’s really fun and makes me feel at ease.

Then here the music, the sound that i hear every hours and minutes. When it comes to instrument i love the most, it is always guitar. On top of that, i give special apreciation for peple who play classical guitar. Don’t you think it’s always enticing and mesmerizing when their fingers playing with the strings? You know, I have many friends who play guitar but it such a rare to found someone who’s into classical. That’s why when someday i found this Soundcloud of my friend’s acquintance, i can’t help but checking his site every month to make sure he still creating those hypnotic sounds.

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