Suran, The Hot Trend Female Vocalist


It was just a shade of her side profile back then.That green hair looked so stunning. She was singing “Manne manne quin, money money queen” while hitting her tambourine. Viewers didn’t have a chance to see her face but her voice leaving big impression indeed.

The track called Mannequin (2015), belong to Amoeba Culture’s producer, Primary. The song featured the rapper Beenzino and the lady I mentioned above, Suran. Social critic maybe rarefied theme when it comes to K-music but this one is surely worth to listened.

So who’s on the earth is Suran? Why she’s now already become a hot trend female vocalist? Just let me tell you 10 facts about her:


  1. She was a computer science major in the college. That sounds make sense for her to became sound-designer.
  2. She is a songwriter, singer, and also the producer.
  3. She wrote a song for the singer Lim Kim, “Awoo” in 2015.
  4. She is working with the former of Jamiroquai bass guitar player, Steve Zender.
  5. She’s now under the label Million Market.
  6. She loves Amy Winehouse and Kimbra.
  7. She started her music career by joined jazz band.
  8. She’s again working with Beenzino for her single Calling In Love in 2015.
  9. She just released her single,”Ddang” on June 10, 2016. The song featured Hwasa of Mamamoo.
  10. She once loved my Instagram video.

I liked her because of her unique voice when I listened to Mannequin, but I started to respect her as a musician when I saw this version of Zico’s Pride and Prejudice by the end of last year. While this live band session has  slight different vibes than the recording version, she was delivered the emotion of the song more wonderfully. She was really doing a good job on interpreted the whole element of this retro soul track.

And then she brought this single as your summer jam this year. When the teaser of the song came up, I just told myself that I have no expectation at all. Though I love Hwa Sa’s singing style and Mamamoo’s songs I restrained myself from putting a high expectation into this collaboration.  When I heard the full version of “Ddang”, I suddenly jumped into conclusion “This lady loves simple arrangement”. She’s doing the same thing with Calling In Love before.  Ddang has an addictive music with repetitive lyrics that make you feel haunted by the song every time you listened. It will spin in your head on and on.

This week she’s back again with ultimate collaboration produced by HIGHGRND producer, Code Kunst. The piece Beside Me released on July 25 also featured the rappers YDG and Bewhy. There is no questioning, this is all about quality. The producer and all of musicians who were working together to created this music are blessed. I like to hear this song in solemn and though there is a language barrier i still easily feels the powerful message. And that female vocalist slayed it all.  She needs more and more recognitions.

Summary, you need more Suran for your life. Period.

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