Yuna’s Chapters : Farewell Indie Pop

I just realized something when i listened to Alicia Keys’s latest single a week ago. The song titled In Common, RnB piece with slight of Afro-beat  and Latin vibes (i guess Shakira will sing it better). For me, it sounds like “it’s definitely like music nowadays” that mostly created by electronic instruments (synthesizer for the win). It’s not that i hate this song (since i keep sing it every day since), but yes genuinely saying it is like she’s walking away from her root.


The question is why the hell people (or at least me) feeling bad about musicians who decided to try something new or something different with their music? You know, people need change. Maybe just in my case, i actually love when musicians offered something new, but it sucks when their songs just sound similar with another. For example, Chapters, the latest album by Yuna (released on April 20, 2016). “Chapters” is a very enjoyable album, to be honest. But some tracks just sounds like Aaliyah’s, Jhene Aiko’s, even Adele’s…It doesn’t mean those songs are bad, but when you hear so many familiar sounds you’ll understand. Should i say that her vocal character also sounds different in this recording?

But when i put that thought aside and i ask myself what exactly i feel about this album, i know the answer that i can’t help but love. Though i have to say farewell to indie pop but this one is a well-recorded album, emotional, and addictive.

Chapters is also a surprising album for me. I was so hyped back then when i read a news about “Yuna will have collaboration track with Jhene Aiko”. I think that was the most shocking news for me even though I’ve read some hints before. The song titled Used To Love You, such an emotional piece writing by both beloved songstresses. Some people expected it will confuse the listener if they’re singing together, but Jhene Aiko actually just simply filled the chorus and yeah it used auto-tune.

When it comes to favorite track I’ll choose the third single from this album, the retro number, Lanes. The lyrics talking about the couple who has different values in life. You know, it’s hard to accept when your lover keeps doing something you hate. And she firmly said:

If this is love, I don’t want it
If this is love, you can keep it
You call this love, you don’t respect it
If this is love, why am I hurting?”

I also love “Best Love” for it grooves, “Time” for her heart-breaking story, and absolutely “Crush”. Though i wish she’ll back for her previous genre in the future, but it seems this kind of music in Chapters is what she wanted to do for a long time. So, let’s say hello to R’n’B and farewell indie pop…

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