130 Mood : TRBL (DEAN’s Impressive Debut EP)


Say hello to Kwon Hyuk a.k.a DEAN or Deanfluenza or DEAN TRBL or DEAN TROUBLE. He’s young, super-talented and considering his looks people will expect that he’s one of the idol gems. But sorry guys, he’s not an idol. The path he chose are record-producer and singer-songwriter. He’s one of a kind who’s making music for EXO, VIXX, Lee Hi and working with Grammy winner Eric Belinger, singer Mila J, Anderson Paak, and Jeff Bernat for his own musics.  He’s also making collaboration with his Korean singer pals such as Zico, dok2, and Gaeko (from Dynamic Duo). Not to forget his other work with singer Jung Gi Go for single “247” last year (which is also featuring Zion. T and Crush).

Though i just accidentally listened to his song last month, all i know is his first EP really damn good. It is called “130 Mood : TRBL” released on March 24 2016 under the labels Joombas and Universal Music . This impressive EP consists of seven tracks but several tracks released as singles before.


Tracklisting :

  1. And You? (Outro)
  2. Pour Up (ft. Zico)
  3. bonnie & clyde
  4. what2do (ft. Crush and Jeff Bernat)
  5. D (half moon)
  6. i love it (ft. dok2)
  7. 21

I started listened bonnie & clyde and i found it really unique.The first time i saw the video on Youtube i sarcastically thought “another Bonnie & Clyde, huh?”. I maybe exaggerating since R&B nowadays sounds to be the same and usual in general, but when i tried to listen this piece i was feel uneasy. I mean, if he wants to deliver such as tragic stories through the songs, he’s nearly succeed.

After listened to all of the tracks, i decided to choose D (half moon) as my ultimate crushed. You know its like, in the first place he said “Do you wanna chill?” Then that damn piano’s playing and he started singing “Love…love the stars…love…love the moon“. Eventually, you cannot help but feel damn emotional. I kinda agree with the article that write it is “the most romantic yet saddest song in the album”.

And the live version of this song just beyond wonderful. I think i’m obsessed.

My favorite thing about DEAN is he’s kinda build two characters for his musics. His voice maybe sounds smooth like honey (i want to hear his falsetto all night long) yet rough in another times. The EP maybe feels heavy for some tracks, but its also easy listening and cheering. For many reasons this alternative R&B package contains futuristic elements but for some reasons it is brings old-school nuances.


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