Seoulite : Lee Hi’s Half Album


There’s a time in the past when i listened nothing but Lee Hi’s debut album “First Love”. That album still remained in my mind as underrated, not-so-innocent, and well packaged album. She’s doing splendid work with people behind production of First Love back in 2012, and seems this talented young girl really knew what she wanted.

Just two days ago she’s back with half-album called “Seoulite” that contained 5 songs and the second half will released later in this year. She introduced soft ballad “Breathe” and retro jazz “Hold My Hand” through music video.

(Its kinda boring for me (sorry) but  i keep repeating tho)

(Really love this insanely unique M/V!)

The other tracks are featuring South Korean promising rappers : Mino (from WINNER) on the song titled World Tour, Dok2 (Illionaire) on FXXK WIT US, and Incredivle in the track called Official. I have no idea why on the earth she’s came with this hip-hop collaboration, but no offense, the result just damn good. She even nonchalantly singing explicit words (fxxk the world, fxxk with us) like nobody will complaining. Seems working with Tablo (HIGHRND) makes her confident  enough to crossed the line.

Among these five tracks, i choose World Tour as my most favorite as far. No i’m not in love with the song, i’m beyond addicted already.

So baby, i’m ready for Hayi’s second half album like a…

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