Le Petit Prince


What kind of expectation you have when it comes to novel-based movie? When i was younger, i always getting mad whenever i found the story went different from the novel i read. But now, i don’t really care about how the people behind the movie develop the story, just do as they want, i just feel lucky to have another version of the original story. Except about the nuance i feel when i read the novel, still it maddening when its supposed to be gloomy and angst but they visualized the novel into cheesy-glamorous nuance. That Sunshine Becomes You trailer gave me an eerie feeling and my imagination totally devastated. 

People knew i love Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Le Petit Prince and the film adaptation was the most anticipated one for me last year. In the very beginning i’m sure its gonna be different and it should has the extended story since the book is really thin. And since its an animation i believe the story’s gonna fit into any ages so children will enjoy the movie as well (we know that the book its not a children book even though the title is about a children).

When the first time i read the book, i claimed it to be my most favorite book. Its not just about the philosophy about life, its treasures the sadness and alienation almost perfectly. Its beautiful yet leaves the hollowness inside my heart at the same time. But, after watching the movie, i realized its kinda different feeling’s come up. How to put it into the words…i guess this movies is rather confusing. I don’t think people will fully understand what’s the movie conclusion. Its jumping from the idea into the idea and another idea. Just, maybe the director intended to create the complex story line with vary messages.

But actually its worth-watching movie you’ll fall in love with. The most important thing is, it has beautiful music scores and sweet original soundtrack you’ll love to listen.

The song titled Suis Moi (“Turnaround” in English), composed by Hans Zimmer and singing by French-singer Camille Dalmais (Camille) released in June 29, 2015. Its such a simple song with beautiful lyrics and repetitive phrase that’ll easy to remember.

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