Tribute To K-Drama

K-Drama is one of the best healing. Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but for those who have the love-hate relationship with it for too long, they will understand this statement. The only key is, you never compare it with your own life. Always remember its far from reality, because when you’re too far to engrossed, there is no way to back.

There always many reasons why people love K-drama. In my case, i don’t watch it because “i want to”, but because “i need to”. I need to watch K-drama because sometimes i need such an emotional release, and thanks too all of fiction series . When it comes to K-drama, its all about excessive expression and dramatic scenes. In results, oh its gonna be too funny, its gonna be too sweet, or its gonna be too sad. Fortunately, nowadays you can choose the drama to watch from many genres. Family, comedy, melodrama, medical, politic, fantasy, historical, mystery, school, criminal, etc. But revenge is still my favorite until now.

In fact, i’m not such a die hard fans of K-drama. I’m not typical person who watch it periodically all over the years. Believe it or not, its just 2 or 3 titles a year. But another fact is, when i found it really interesting, i’m gonna really into it. And after i watched the whole episodes, i’ll found my self repeating the scenes i love to repeat. If the leading role satisfying me with their acting, i’m gonna be their (self proclaimed) fans immediately. And i guess its normal to “kyaa-ing” over the actor (cool ahjussi’s is always my favorite).

I’m never shy to tell people that i love K-drama since the very beginning. I guess it started 12 years ago when that phenomenal series called Winter Sonata aired in the local tv station in my country. And before we can watch the series easily in this internet era, i always waiting for another drama to aired in television. I remember the time when i crying so hard in every episode of Endless Love and my father cringed whenever he saw me acting like that.

So, for this year i just finished watching The Producers (2015) but it quite plain and emotionless. And a week ago, i watched 17 episodes of Bad Guy (2010), the revenge drama starring Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In. Its normally interesting till 15, but its turn to be chaotic in the end. How to put it…i guess its the most confusing ending i ever watched. But, Kim Nam Gil’s performance really worth to watch (and those hotness overload).

So, despite of mentioning the unforgettable K-dramas back then, let me talk about the drama with the most unforgettable music. Good drama without beautiful music will easily forgotten, right?

And here they are:

  1. Sorry, I Love You (2004)

This 16 episodes melodrama starring So Ji Sub and Im So Jung, won the best drama that time. This is my favorite drama all the time, so without confusing i’ll put it in the first place. Its not just about the story line and the acting quality of the actors, but also the musics that were inserted for each scenes. And i guess people kinda familiar with the popular song called Snow Flower (by Park Hyo Shin), the Korean version of Mika Nakashima’s Yuki No Hana.


2. Secret Garden (2010)

In the first place, I watched this fantasy-comedy-romance because Ha Ji Won. But then i found it really impressive since this genre wasn’t really common at that time. This was really fresh, i love the chemistry between Ha JI Won and Hyun Bin, and the soundtracks just really really good. This is the nice packaging drama. But, instead of the opening or the ending theme, i love these instrumental songs more.

3. Winter Sonata (2002)

Base on essay written by Diana Lee for “Upon a closer scrutiny, this Korean TV drama series offers more than a complex love story, intriguing plot twists, good acting, memorable scenes and lines, not to mention, breathtaking winter scenery backed up by melancholic music tunes”. And for me, its all about nuance.

4. Full House (2004)

This drama received huge success back then, and i think its crazy to got 40% in every episodes. Well, maybe its cheesy love story but everybody love the chemistry between two leading role. This 16 episodes drama definitely has tons of sweet and catchy songs.

5. Endless Love (2000)

So people, are you strong enough to watch this drama without crying? I guess no, big no. I bet you’ll shed a tears in every episodes or at least in 14/16 episodes. I wonder what kind of  writer behind the story of this, how melancholy her heart is.


And for addition, this one below is my favorite OST from the drama i watched last year, Marriage Without Dating.

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