How To Love Tokyo Jihen


How to love the already disbanded band? Its kinda strange topic to talk, isn’t it? It comes to my mind out of the blue since i remember my conversation with  a friend yesterday. She said “I dunno how to listen Tokyo Jihen because their music are too heavy”. Well,  i guess she just didn’t know where to start.

So, today i’ll write about Tokyo Incidents started from brief story behind their existence (which is you can find in many source).

Tokyo Jihen or Tokyo Incidents was a Japanese band formed by Shiina Ringo in 2004. Together with Mikio Hirama (guitaris), Seiji Kameda (bassist), Toshiki Hata (drummer), and Masayuki Hiifumi a.k.a H ZETT M (pianist), she was introduced the eclectic Japanese band to the world. Their debut single called Gunjo Byori released in September 2004. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this perfect formation didn’t last long because 2 of them (Mikio Hirama and H ZETT M) decided to leave. Finally in 2005, with their sole album, Kyoiku, this Phase 1 (dai-ikki) era officially ended.

Right after the departure of two former members, Shiina Ringo began a search for the new members. This was kinda difficult task, but in the end she’s found the best. Meet Ryosuke Nagaoka (Ukigumo) and Keitaro Izawa (Ichiyo Izawa) as the new guitarist and pianist who were officially joined in September 2005. And so, this is the Phase 2 (dai-niki) formation that last from 2006 until their disbanded announcement in 2012.

So, why on the earth i love this band? I’ve mentioned Tokyo Jihen or Shiina Ringo for many times, and i guess you know the answer. In case you never read my previous posts, i’ll write the reasons below. Here they are:

  • Shiina Ringo : Her real name is Yumiko Shiina. She loves Ringo Starr, that’s why she chose Ringo as her stage name. She is the brain of the grand idea behind Tokyo Jihen. She was born with the illness called esophageal atresia, that caused her body less symmetrical due to surgery. But she’s against the inferiority. Listening to wide range of music genre, she’s produced all genre you want to hear. Genius musical, kudos to her.
  • Musicians : If you interest with pianist with insane acrobatic capability, you should glad to know H ZETT M. And i guess you’ll kinda surprise to know how many Japanese musician or band related to Seiji Kameda. As a producer or arranger he’s working with huge number of musicians (including L’Arc~en~Ciel, Suga Shikao, Spitz, MIYAVI, etc). Another members will also grabs your heart since they really know how to play music and enjoying stage performance.
  • Genre : They offer eclectic genre, so you’ll hear any kind of sounds. From rock to pop, to jazz, to classic, to funk, to bossa nova, to punk, to enka, etc.
  • Adult : This is my very favorite album from their first album on Phase 2 era. This album released on January 25, 2006. My favorite songs such as Himitsu, Shuraba, Superstar, Toumei Ningen, and Tegami belong to this album.
  • Stage Performance : Shiina Ringo will never show you a cute but elegance performance. She’s acting like a real queen. In other hand, another member will satisfied you with their playful stage performance. Dynamite Out will always be my favorite concert until now.

So, if you ask me where to start, i’ll set the playlist from the easy listening into the *^&%$&# song:

  1. Rakujitsu (single, 2005)

2. Kokoro (single, 2004)

3. Shuraba (Adult, 2006)

4. Marunouchi Sadistic

5.Sounan (Kyouiku, 2004)

6. Killer Tune (Variety, 2007)

7. Himitsu (Adult, 2006)

8. Gunjou Byori (Kyoiku, 2004)

9. Onna No Ko Wa Dare Demo (Dai Hakken, 2011)

10. Noudouteki Sanpunkan (Sports, 2009)

11. Senkou Shoujou (Variety, 2007)

12. Genjitsu Wo Warau (Kyoiku, 2004)

13. Service (Kyoiku, 2004)

14. Kenka Joutou (Adult, 2006

15. O.S.C.A (Variety, 2007)

Surely people, 15 songs will never enough. At least trying to listen their first and second album first. So once again, maybe its strange to introduce Tokyo Jihen now since they’re just disbanded three years ago. But, at least i let you now how to enjoying their music. Falling in love yet? You know, i simply fallin’ into their music just because this song:

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