J-Rocks Back Then

It seems i really miss those times when i listened to this kind of music everyday. The music that connecting me to the world called “Jrocks, Visual Kei, Bishounen, etc”. And its such a long long time not listen any single song from this genre. So today i just try to remember some musicians i always listened back then. Here we go.

  1. L’Arc~en~Ciel

I think its already 6 month for me to “try” not to listen their songs. And still i dunno why. Perhaps, i just want to stay away a little while, till i’m longing to the core, and back again to this precious Japanese rock band.

2. Glay

Not so many people around me knew their music. Seems i’m the one who really love Glay till i’m not into J-rocks anymore.

3. Malice Mizer

If i have to choose, their album, Merveilles (1998) is the best album i ever heard (from J-Rocks scene). This gothic-visual-rock-band brings the ultimate music into another level.

4. Janne Da Arc

They were played many musical styles, from progressive rock to alternative rock, from hard rock to heavy metal. But still my favorite is their ballads.

5. The Gazette

I just bumped into “Inside Beast” two days ago and i think they are change too far. But its okay, i kinda like the electronic touch for their brand new music.

6. La’cryma Christi

Sculpture of Time (1997) was the only album i listened from La’cryma Christi. But you know, its enough to prove that their music really worth listening.

7. Dir en Grey

Believe me, even if their music too noisy or too dark (for some people), but their music is addictive.

8. X Japan

Everybody knows how this five gentlemen influenced J-rocks back then. They are huge and legend.

9. Acid Black Cherry

Yasunori Hayashi, one of the brilliant musician i respect the most, the one behind Janne Da Arc. He is turn 40 already, but never tired to produce good music.

10. Luna Sea

In 2003, HMV Japan ranked Luna Sea at number 90 on their list of the 100 most important Japanese pop acts. They are one of the biggest J-rocks band all the time.


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