20 Most Favorite Michael Jackson Songs


I wonder what kind of world would it be if Michael Jackson never exist in the world? I guess it’s kinda be boring without moonwalk or his famous catchphrase “hee hee!”. Actually, i’m not a fans of him before, till he’s passed away. I remember back to 2009, i listened to his music every day since his songs were airing in every TV station in my country. I never realized why on the earth people called him King Of Pop, because i’m not really into his songs before. But now i know, that title really fits on him. Even in my eyes, he’s a rock star.

So, these are 20 songs i choose as my favorite songs from The King Of Pop:

1. One Day In Your Life

I’m sorry, i started with the most sentimental song. I don’t know how to describe my feeling upon this mellow. Its kinda touchy and sad yet beautiful at the same time. This song taken from the album Forever, Michael (1975).

2. I Can’t Help It

This song belongs to Off The Wall, his fifth studio album (1979). This one is jazz piece and i guess it was not really famous. He’s quite good singing jazzy song, don’t you think?

3. Bad

I like to move my hip with this groovy and getting really exciting whenever it comes to the refrain. And i looove that bass lines. Don’t you know this song originally intended to be duet with Prince?

4. Thriller

For some reasons, i think this is a funny song whenever i read the whole lyrics. “Oh hey, its thriller night, that’s why now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together”.

5. Remember The Time

His brother Jermaine told people that actually this song was written for Diana Ross. My favorite is the beat and how the way he sings from the low soft voice and end up with that high pitch.

6. Black Or White

This is iconic song belong to the album Dangerous (1991). I love all the things about this song : the rhythm, the beat, Bill Bottrel’s guitar playing, rap, and how great when dance, hard rock, and rap were mixed in to the song.

7. Happy

I told you before : Happy

8. Human Nature

This song written by Steve Porcaro and John Bettis  from the album Thriller (1982). I love this simple ballad, and my favorite is this unique lyrics “If this town is just an Apple, then let me take a bite”.

9. Heal The World

I remember my sister singing this song with her friends for farewell party when she was graduated from senior high school. It’s kinda boring song but i still love it.

10. Loving You

This lovely piece supposed to be in Bad album but you can find it on the last album, Exscape (2014). And you’ll listen both original and 2014 version (thanks to Timbaland). I love the melody, and his voice sounds really young and fresh, and those lovely lines.

11. Best Of Joy

This song just so sweet. Really sweet. “I gave you joy, your best of joy. I am the moon light, you are the spring, our life’s a sacred thing. You know I always will love you, I am forever”. This ballad belongs to the controversial album, Michael (2010).

12. Man In The Mirror

This guy really loved : “make the world a better place”. Just count how many songs that contained this sentences. But this powerful piece written by Siedah Garret and Glen Ballard.

13. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

When the very first time i heard this ballad, i didn’t even realized Siedah Garret’s voice.

14. Love Never Felt So Good

Give me any reason to resist this song as my favorite. I guess nothing.

15. Rock With You

Remember his super shiny outfit in the video,and the groove, it always gives me we-can-ride-the-boogie feeling.

16. Billie Jean

This was written by Michael Jackson and produced by him and Quincy Jackson. Billie Jean is all about groupies, represents a lot of girls (wikipedia.com). I love the thrilling opening, and the lyrics always remind me about some crazy fans out there.

17. Smooth Criminal

I listened to Alien Ant Farm’s hype version of this song for a long time. I really love the bass lines. And i love the original version too. I always put the music video in the first place as my most favorite. I love his outfit and those dances…perfection.

18. Say Say Say

Whoever had the idea to make this huge collaboration happened, you’re blessed. It’s so -McCartney and so-Jackson at the same time. Classic and modern at the same time.

19. Ben

Don’t you feel weird whenever you hear this sad song and suddenly the image of killer rat comes up in your mind?

20. Stranger In Moscow

How does it feel. When you’re alone. And you’re cold inside?

This heart-wrenching song belongs to the album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I. You know, the lyrics for the song are based upon a poem written by Jackson (wikipedia.com). In case you never heard this psychedelic version from Tame Impala :

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