Sunday Pick : Memories Back Then

Holaaa….i’m back again after a week without writing anything on this blog. I’ve just re-installing my notebook since i want to back into dual boot (Windows+Ubuntu). I love to be Linux user for a long time, but i thought i need to back to Windows for some reasons. It’s not too easy to install this 14.04 Ubuntu generation, i’m dizzy already.

Yes, since today is Sunday, so it’s time for Sunday Pick. My menu for today is some nostalgic songs (again). Remember, these all songs i listened from radio… all the time, when i was still on high school. So, here they are:

1. Sophie Ellis Bextor – Murder On The Dance Floor

I still listen to this song untill now and i always need to move my body whenever this song’s playing. This dance-pop released on December 2001.

2. Joey McIntyre – L.A Blue

I don’t listen to NKOTB, but this Joey McIntyre’s L.A Blue solo single on 2004. This ballad always make me blue.

3. 98º – Because Of You

This one is my sister’s favorite song back then. I guess she never heard this song anymore.

4. Mandy Moore – I Wanna Be With You

I’m not fans of Mandy Moore’s voice but i do love this song for many years.

5. Jewel – Intuition

This one is a lil bit annoying, but everybody seems enjoy this song. Me too, actually (hehehe).


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