Sunday Pick: J-Pop Tunes

1. tofubeats – Don’t Stop The Music

Meet tofubeats a.k.a Yusuke Kawai, 23 year old music producer/ beat maker/ DJ from Kobe, Japan. I first know him from Utada Hikaru’s tribute album (Time Will Tell) last year. My first impression was…it’s kinda boring song..because the singer is Bonnie Pink with her boring voice (sorry). But i still feel curious with his (tofubeats) works. So i found this 90’s disco tune, Don’t Stop The Music, featuring Chisato Moritaka. I love the beat so much! Yes, i’m gonna be this super-talented-guy’s fans from now on.

2. Ken Hirai – Candy

My friend, Rani, ask me to hear the original version of this song a few days ago. Candy is Ken Hirai’s thirtieth single, released on September 23, 2009. I like both the original version and acoustic version above.

3. Shiina Ringo – Arikitarina Onna

This song belong to Hi Izuru Tokoro (Land Of The Rising Sun), Shiina Ringo’s album released on November 5, 2014. I kinda surprise she’s working with Hizumi Masayuki (HZETTM) and Ukigumo again in this album. Yeah, i know, i miss Tokyo Jihen so much.

The song above, Arikitarina Onna were given French title, Une Femme Ordinaire, released as single on October 1, 2014. My favorite is refrain part, its spinning in my head all the time.

4. Ikkubaru – Amusement Park

I never imagine there is musician who loves Tatsuro Yamashita so much till i listened to this Indonesian indie. Yes i write about Tatsuro Yamashita a long time ago, and you know i like his music. But, it’s beyond my imagination because i’m into Japanese community for many years. Some people love L’Arc~en~Ciel, Tokyo Jihen, The Gazette, AKB48, etc and making band inspired by those musician. I never knew about someone who really interest with 1980’s J-Pop’s especially Tatsuro Yamashita and doing his brilliant work which is takes a lot from Yamashita’s music.

Amusement Park is the song from the 1st album Amusement Park, released on 2014 under Hope You Smile records. This album distributed in Indonesia and Japan. “You can now order ikkubaru’s amusement park at Tower Records Online!” they announce on official facebook.

5. Towa Tei feat Shiina Ringo – Apple

It’s kinda nostalgic listen to this song again. It’s not about Shiina Ringo but Towa Tei. It’s brings a joy whenever i listen to the beats. And i love that wordplay ” You must to know, who the hell is an apple?”.


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