Sunday Pick : Best Cover

1. Fiona Apple – Across The Universe

Across The Universe belong to The Beatles, released 8 May 1970. This Fiona Apple version is kinda slow and soft that bring another ambiance to this song.

2. Robyn – Hyperballad

What’s on Robyn’s mind when she sang this song in front of Bjork? I don’t think she was trembling or something. Her voice really fit in to the new arrangement of Hyperballad.

3. Sarah Vaughan -My Favorite Things

When we talk about Sarah Vaughan, all i think is quality. And she’s never let me down for every cover song she ever sang.

4. Rod Stewart – September In The Rain

I’ve listened so many musicians cover September In The Rain, the popular song by Harry Warren and Al Dublin, published in 1937. This one from Rod Stewart i like the most, uh oh just for simple reason…it’s not too jazzy.

5. Melody Gardot – La Vie En ROse

It’s way too slow, don’t you think? But i like this lovely arrangement and her soft voice singing the original version (French).

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