Singin’ In The Rain

singing inthr

Surely i’m in love with old Hollywood movies. I’ve just watched the popular Singing In The Rain, the musical comedy movie from 1952. This is glamorous, funny (i kept smile upon my face till last credit), and Gene Kelly loves tap dance so much!

Okay, i listed why on the earth i enjoy this movie:

1. The leading stars (Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connors) really good in dancing.
2. For a reason, this movie give you some acknowledge about the film production in 20’s. Its really interesting to know the transition from silent movie into talkies.
3. The funniest is Lina Lemont’s voice (starring Jane Heagen). I always laugh whenever she started to talk.
4. Oh yes, it’s a romance, but i think its not what the movie told us about.
5. I love the way Gene Kelly spells his motto, “Dignity..always dignity”.
6. My favorite song is Singin’ In The Rain.
7. Donald O’Connors (as Cosmo Brown) just insanely stunning on Make ’em Laugh.


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