Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye

If I could take this moment forever
Turn the pages of my mind
To another place and time
We would never say goodbye

If I could find the words I would speak them
Then I wouldn’t be tongue-tied
When I looked into your eyes
We would never say goodbye

If I could stop the moon ever rising
Day would not become the night
Wouldn’t feel this cold inside
And we’d never say goodbye

I wish that our dreams were frozen
Then our hearts would not be broken
When we let each other go…

If I could steal this moment forever
Paint a picture-perfect smile
So our story stayed alive
We would never say goodbye


 I listened to this beautiful melody while reading The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnette, 1911) a year ago. This piece is Hayley Westenra’s, taken from the album, Pure (2002). This song was adapted from “Pavane For Dead Princess” by Maurice Ravel (1899).

What do you think about the lyrics? Obviously, its sad. But it was a lil bit different when i listen while reading the novel like The Secret Garden. I just feel this is a beautiful song. The melody brought me to the scenes on Misselthwaite Manor, the roses, the trees, the birds, and friendship between Mary, Dickon, and Collin.

Oh, now i feel really sad whenever i listen to this song. But why?

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