Some Random Facts

1. I want to sleep without music playing in my stereo. Its such a long time for me sleeping without another sounds but the silence.

2. I bought some albums when i was in Jogjakarta, two of them were the band i never heard before. They were Funny Little Things and Honey Beat (Indonesian indie’s). I don’t really into Funny Little Things, but i kept the album with me. I try to listen Honey Beat and i decided to left that j-band album in Jogjakarta. They’re good, actually, but i can’t accept their music. My heart refused to hear. Its just really similar with Tokyo Jihen. Uh oh, i cannot understand why on the earth they didn’t try another sounds, even the vocalist singing like Shiina Ringo. Okay, its just personal taste, by the way.

3. I’m in love with Mari Persen. Really need to see her live performance.

4. The drummer of our teenage dream, Firman a.k.a Pman marrying his girlfriend today. Its just really weird to see him with that traditional wedding costume, hehehe. Congratulation! Happy for them!

5. I thinking about selling some indies album here in my town, whaddayathink?

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