Golden Age Hollywood Movies And Sweetheart

I’ve just watched Gone With The Wind (1939) two days ago and then i end up watching another 30’s-50’s movie. I watched Roman Holiday (1953) and The Yearling (1946). I’ll watch To Kill A Mockingbird but i prefer reading a book, first.

After those long days watching the movies, all i can say is you need to watch the old movies, people. Its really different feeling that comes up when you see the movie stars from the past. Its interesting to see their outfits, to hear the way they talk, to listen the music scores, the sets, the effects, etc.


Actually, i want to read the Margaret Michel’s book before watching this movie. But i think, this movies really represents what’s on the book. Its almost 4 hours movie, and i end up crying right in the end. It was tragic story, but i lil bit relief the female lead did not suicide like another feminists role in that century such as Anna Karenina or Emma Bovary.


I love Clark Gable (as Rhett Butler) and Vivien Leigh (as Scarlet O’Hara). Its always funny whenever Rhett tempting the selfish Scarlet. Vivien Leigh brought her bold character almost perfectly. My favorite scene is when Scarlet back to her town, Tara, and in desperate vowing to herself that she will do anything for the survival of her family and herself.

roman holiday

Oh, how i love the movie in just black and white. I looooveee Audrey Hepburn (as Princess Ann) and Gregory Peck (as Joe Bradley) together.


Just look how fresh that face. I like her short hair and her outfits. And i fall in love with Gregory Peck (thats why i want to watch The Yearling and To Kill A Mockingbird). This is funny yet sad story and a lil bit weird (for me). Imagine you falling (deeply) in love with someone in just 24 hours being together.

Okay, since i bumped into these old movies and there’s no OST i found except music scores for each scene, i think i need to find the song that fits with the movies especially Roman Holiday.

So, it was accidentally. I found this song, Sweetheart by Norwegian musician Mari Persen.

The first time i listened to this song, i thought the singer is someone from last century. But then i found that Mari Persen (born 1977) debut is in 2009. And yes, her music inspired by those golden age hollywood musical from 30’s and 40’s.

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