Universe (Puti Chitara)


written & composed by Puti Chitara

Travel on the rainbow slide

Flowing up to the starry sky

Riding on my favorite cloud

it’s all white and bright

so bright i see the beauty of the night

twinkling like the light

Colours are running so fast

paint the ocean all bright, so bright

Galaxies and milky way above me

Smiling softly and telling me how wonderful this world could be

i know for sure

that i’m glad, tell me now will this ever end

cause i don’t want to wake up

Just let me slide away and fade away in this dream

Just want to fade away in this dream

**I wanna fly..when there’s nobody there

Just fly…so i could reach you there

So dear Mr. Raindrop shower me all the love

Let me bloom a beautiful flower

decorate the day under the sunlight

Oh, hear me sing, sing this song

tell the birds to sing a long

Feel the peace inside and nothing can be wrong

Cause this universe, this universe is you



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