5 South Korean Singer You Need To Know

1. Sunwoo Jung Ah

This lady is insane. I talked about her before, and later on…i think she is one of the craziest south korean musician. Unique, playful and quirky. Just take a look at her youtube channel and find those adult contemporary jazz, electronic, pop classic, or anything.

2. Lim Kim

She’s maybe one of a K-Pop sparkle, but please don’t underestimate her, people. My advice, try to listen to her Goodbye 20 album. Surely, you’ll love her.

3. Jaurim

Say hello to rock band from Seoul (if you never knew South Korea has a rock band).

4. Park Ji Yoon

Retro, jazzy tune, pop, K-Pop. I love her music since Mr. Lee and Inner Space. So Fresh.

5. Eddy Kim

I can’t get enough for his ear-catching music. Just try to listen his 1st EP, The Manual. I love… all songs, yes all!


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