5 Songstresses You Need To Know

Since today is national blogger day in my country, i guess i’ll write something special.  So, here they are, my favorite songstresses. I’m not feminist (or something), but i always adore those genius female musician.


1. Shiina Ringo


There’s no doubt to put her on a very first place. Its okay if you’re not into j-music scene. Or maybe “i don’t berrong here” line when she sings Creep is sound creepy for you. But trust me, she is amazing. She provides all genre you want to hear. From Jazz to rock to funk to pop to folk to classic. Maybe listen to her music for the first time will make you dizzy. That’s why i want to know what’s inside her brain. She’s genius musical, the real queen.

2. Feist


Say hello to Leslie Feist. Many people talking about her before, till i listen to “The Limit To Your Love”. Yes i first listen The Reminder and then Let It Die. Its really easy to fall in love with her music. And i love her sultry voice singing Bee Gees’s “Inside And Out”. And i hope  you are not desperate enough to listen “Lonely Lonely”.

3.Regina Spektor


Antifolk, Indie rock, baroque pop, blues, pop. What else? She’s insane. Just try watching her dazzling performance singing “Machine” (Live in London).

4. Utada Hikaru


Some people might say i’m exaggerating this Japanese Diva. Whatever, in fact i know her so well. I collect all of her albums. I listen all of her songs. She writes all of her songs. They called her “heisei uta-hime” since the beginning. She’s just very popular with her debut song “First Love”. But actually she has many beautiful songs.

5. Karen O


How i describe her in one word…maybe…GENUINE. Honestly, i know her (just) a month ago. Someone said, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Dull Life is his favorite song to hear lately. I fall in love with her voice from the very firs time. There always two choice, if you like “rock” just hear Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but if your ear too weak too hear, just listen her solo. Or maybe this one as a start…


3 thoughts on “5 Songstresses You Need To Know

  1. jee says:

    hmm… jee suka feist dan karen o lalu ditambah:

    1. Cat power” lagu2nya di antaranya yang jee suka The Greatest, naked if i want to, the moon, schizophrenia’s weighted me down.
    2. Anya Marina : satellite heart, whatever you like, all the same to me, move you.
    3. Soko: shitty day, i’ll kill her, take my heart, It’s Raining Outside, My Enemy.

  2. jee says:

    menurut jee, feist dan cat power satu paket. dan karen o + anya marina + soko bisa jadi trio yang sangat unik. oya, hati2 dengar lagu soko an… liriknya unik dan dia bernyanyi seperti menggerutu.

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