Falling In Love Again

Have you ever fall in love with someone for the second time? Or its like, whenever i see his/her face..i falling in love again.

Unfortunately, i never experience that case. Except…with music. Yes, music.

My love affair with L’Arc~en~Ciel started 13 years ago. I still remember the first time i brought SMILE (the album) in my hand. Listened to Hyde’s high pitch on Coming Closer. But i realized that was not my first crush. Long time before, i found myself fascinated with The 4th Avenue Cafe.

THE FOURTHEven now, whenever i listen to their music especially Bless, In The Air, or Vivid Color, i feel i`m really into L`Arc~en~Ciel for sure. It  was the best decision to fall for them on the first place.

I first listened Toumei Ningen (Tokyo Jihen) when i was high school. I didn’t really like that kind of voice (Shiina Ringo). It was like another Japanese female singer in my ears. But in fact, i like that song. I even remember the lyrics very well. On the second year of my college, my friend show me Rakujitsu. That was taken from “Just Can`t Help It” concert. It was change my thought about Shiina Ringo’s voice. Summary, right after that, i gathered all the thing about Tokyo Jihen and Shiina Ringo. Even when they’ve got disbanded, I still listen to their song, everyday.  It feels like, i falling into their music on and on.

It also happen with Mocca.  How can i resist their lovely story telling music? Moreover, i’ve just watched their live once. By the way, my friend gave me “Colours” (the 3rd album) on last June. I feel so happy!


Now i have all Mocca’s physical album…I’ll repeat all of songs..And i’ll falling in love again.

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