How To Stop Time


I met you in the city of the fall, one September night.

I sligthly remember, we met in that cold town one September night. We don’t know each other.

I just fell in to you so easily.

Words and Stories

If the world come undone in to songs, i will sing them for you.

This amazing feeling whenever i thinking about you. I never told you, but i knew you were realized.

Place I Never Be.

I want to run, to that place in your heart when i will never be.

I never want any kind of relationship, i love to loved you that way. But, i want to be with you, that was feeling i couldn’t lie.

Into the darker valley of your heart.

I can’t read your mind. Still, i never made up my mind.


But we both know, time is closing in

I knew that for the very first time, we will never be.

I`ll be gone, you’ll be too.

It was written down, and no one can erase.

Sudden Wonderland

We fall into, the sudden wonderland.

We never talk about our (silly) relationship. I never knew your true feeling. But whenever we were together, as we walked through the dark with some friends, or when you gave me a ride, that was a sudden wonderland.

And if things go right, i might just hold your hand.

I might not hold your hand, but i wish “i might just hold your heart”.


I made  no promises i can’t keep.

There is no beginning. There is no promises.

But if i made a promise that i, i should keep. It’ll be to find my way to you.

But i never made a promise.

You`re In Town

I hear the news that you`re in town.

I counted the days for you to leave. You were drop bye in my town. We hanging out together with friends. I tried to show the my best laugh and smiles.

Go far, take what you need. I’ll be around when everything falls..

You have to leave. I dont have any power to make you stay.


I`ll be gone, you’ll be too. On the night i saw you walk away.

That was after our graduation. I suffered. Those were the hardest days of my life.

Tokyo Lights Fade Away

How to stop time?

That was a time for you to leave. The first time in my life that i wish the time could stop. I repeating that words in my mind “how to stop time?

Wake up, wake up. Isn’t time always been on the run? We walked to the door and we said our goodbye.

You never say goodbye. I`m the one who sent those words.

World Without A Sky

Have you seen a world without a sky?

The love i kept for so long just faded away. That kind of feeling just disappeared.

I’m lie.

The feeling bursted. I can’t help myself.

They took apart the colors in my head. The day you went away.

You were no longer here.

Rainbows And Starlight

I got Monday, you got Tuesday. We will never be.

You chase rainbow, i gaze starlight. We will never be the same again.

We live separated. I cannot see your face anymore. I cannot hear your voice anymore. There is a distance we cannot lie.

Secrets Of The World

But i don’t want to hear about them secrets off the world.

I let everything going like before. I embrace all of memories.

There is no regret.


Mother if you see me i’m alright.

I always have good resilience.

I do moving on.

I do leaving everything behind.

PS: How To Stop Time is the third album from Adhitia Sofyan. Its just accidentally released near the time of my graduation. Its amazing how the songs on this free download album accompanied my blue days that time.


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