The Movies for A Woman From Last Century

If you acclaimed yourself as A Woman From Last Century,you should ever watching these kind of movies.

The Sound Of Music (1965)


– You’ll love Julie Andrew for sure. How couldn’t you? She’s singing “I Have Confidence” like maniac.
– Whenever you feel so blue, just singing “My Favourite Things”. It worth, truely. I singing this song whenever i feel bad. I even have little notebook to write my favourite things.
– The Alps behind those kids singing “Do Re Mi” will warm your heart.
– The Sound Of Music is a well-composed song singing flawlessly by Maria Von Trapp. I always listen to this song every night before sleep.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)


– Even in the very first scene, you’ll hear beautiful score.
– Stunning Audrey Hepburn is stunning playing a leading role as Holly. She is naughty, playfull, but depressed inside.
– You’ll always remember Holly singing Moon River. God bless Herry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. That was the most impressive film’s signature song.
– I always remember the lines between Paul and Holly almost in the end of movie. Paul :”I love you, you belong to me”. Holly: “No, people don’t belong to people”.

The Wizard Of Oz (1939)


– Young and talented Judy Garland singing Over The Rainbow. Its start with the lines “far..far away…behind the moon…beyond the rain…”.
– The Munchkins maybe creepy, but they are cute. Aren’t they?
– I love Tin Man and Scarecrow, but Cowardy Lion..He’s looks like gay lion-man.
– Just close your eyes, tap your heels together three time, and think to yourself “There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home..”. Homesick anyone?

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