Songs Of The Week

Not so many songs i really listens nowadays. But this week i really got into these.


1. Melody Gardot – Baby I`m A Fool

There`s no mistake about singer without high pitch. Do you agree? I also love this live version, by the way.

2. Superfly – Force

Ochi Shiho is truely great singer. But the most interesting is arrangement. I found it really playful and energetic. It also interesting when i see Mikio Hirama in the live concert.

3. The Beatles – Across The Universe

I love the lyric. I love the rythm. I love the idea about “nothing`s gonna change my world”.

4. Payung Teduh – Resah

I have a crush again with this song since Dunia Batas. Why? because the new arrangement, that flute baby…i love it so much.

5. SoonWoo Jung-Ah – Song of Hero

This talented musician is talented.


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