Its a Mayday!

What`s the best song for this date? I have no idea but this song. How about listen to Mayday, taken from the album Headless Songstress by Tika & The Dissidents.

Lets check the lyrics below:

Rise and shine..dont go to work today

Teachers and strippers alike..Realize we`re one and the same

Cause its MayDay..1st of May

Gonna March the streets today

Yes its Mayday..1st of May

Merry merry labour day!

Just listen to the whole lyric, you`ll know how strong this song. For me, this is so much affected. How? Because its not just the song to celebrated Mayday, but this always airing on my playlist everyday. Instead of the words, i love the rythm, the way Kartika Jahja singing, and that part…Oi Oi Oi! hahaha. This is truely moodmaker for me.

ps: its not Mayday actually, yesterday was the date.


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