Mono of Japan – Fall into the Ambience of mistical postrock-

Its been 2 weeks since the first time i landed safely on this island. And this is the first time i have a chance to write (to type) on right device, since i left my notebook on Bandung. Its easy to typing on my smartphone actually, but as you know, i have some problem on holding that stupido-smartphone. So, i ask my friend Rani, and she`s lend me her notebook.

Okay, lets go to the point about what i`ll tell you about. Yes, i`ll tell you about how lucky i am.
I`ve got the news since three days before my departed. I remember the scene when i`m waiting to started jamming with friends on Savero (band studio). I`ve got message from my friend, Aulia, she said that :

“Ant, aku dapat 2 id pers utk konser mono tgl 6 jam 7 malam di bdg, kamu mau ikut gak?”

In the first place,i feel happy but i`m not really interesting about that. Because i never listen to their songs (MONO) before. And i feel a lil bit worry, cause i`ll attend the show as media, haha. So, all i have to do is…asked uncle google and drowning into wikipedia. Dont forget the most important site i have to browse, Youtube. Just got a little story and few song.

The date of Mono performance was on the day of my flight from hometown to Jakarta – Bandung. Its seems that i have to chased the time, since traffic jam is all over the town. And…that was heavy rain.

I kept texting Aulia and told her that i`m not really sure whether i could attend the show. I still on my way to Bandung, dying of starving, and feeling worry about myself. Could i reach my cousin`s dorm in that kinda circumstances?
But, lucky Anshari is lucky. I arrived on bus shelter, wait for a minutes for my cousin (Dini). She`s took me to the nearest steak house . And i told her about Mono`s performance. I need to asked her for suggestion, since i felt so confused. In other way, Aulia kept texting me. So, i`ve decided to go..alone. God bless the savior of my day, tukang ojek. So, eventhough that was hard rain, i found myself on the spot of the show, Dago Tea House. Such a relieved when i met Aulia. She told me “This is the second gift for your birthday”. How happy 🙂

That was such a dream, when i finally sat down the bench, became the part of the crowd. I`m hyped!

all credit going to : Aulia Laratika Rizal

all credit going to : Aulia Laratika Rizal

I`ve told you before that i dunno their songs. So, that was the first time i listened to their mistical post-rock instruments. I kept goosebumped since the first time they played. The guitarists, bassist, and drummer on dark outfit, playing heartbreakingly beautiful music. The setlists on this For My Parents Tour were Legend, Burial at Sea, Dream Odissey, Pure as Snow, Follow The Map, Unseen Harbor, Ashes in The Snow, Beautiful Days, and Everlasting Night.

The view point of the member is the lead guitarist, Takaakira Goto. He brought the show to be memorable with his gestures while playing his guitar. There was a moment when people gasped watching this guitarist tranced on the track Ashes in The Snow. I even shaking and forget to breath! Still, my favourite track is Dream Odissey. Its soothing, and calmly beautiful. The keyboard tone was simple (remember when Tamaki changed her role to be keyboardist for a while). The riffs, melodic, going along perfectly with citylight and rain. Its like a dream, indeed.

That was incredible night, almost perfect. How could the heavy rain supporting the ambience of post rock instrument? That was not mistery anymore. How i describe this? Maybe the word “tersihir” is the finest word. In the end, i`ll not forget that night forever. Especially when i remind that i`m the one wearing “gamis”. And its all wet.

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